Monday, September 19, 2011

Cease And Desist...COLOR HIM IN Illegally Hosted On Itunes

From: bobbyjameson@
Subject: COLOR HIM IN album by Jameson on itunes
Date: September 19, 2011 3:45:47 PM PDT
Reply-To: bobbyjameson@

I, Bobby Jameson aka Robert Parker Jameson aka Jameson hereby demand on this 19th day of September, 2011, that Start Entertainments Limited UK and it's subsidiary nostalgia music UK remove at once, from itunes music, my protected work COLOR HIM IN. I , Bobby Jameson aka Robert Parker Jameson, am the artist/performer, writer/composer, and publisher of this protected work. I own any and all rights to this work. Start Entertainments Limited Uk and nostalgia music UK have no legal rights or authorities of any kind regarding the aforementioned work COLOR HIM IN.

My telephone # in the U.S. is

I expect an an immediate response to this email.....Start Entertainments Limited UK and it's subsidiary nostalgia music UK are guilty of violating U.S. copyright law, International copyright law, and my rights, by alleging to itunes music, Apple Corp, or anyone, anywhere, that they have the legal right to claim ownership and or any rights whatsoever to the work COLOR HIM IN, which is the property, in it's entirety, of one Robert Parker Jameson aka Bobby Jameson aka Jameson.

Regards, Bobby Jameson aka Robert Parker Jameson aka Jameson


  1. Good for you. Just received another 2-CD set from Start Entertainments Limited "The Platinum Collection: The Musice of Rodgers & Hammerstein" PC 626. The work is a fraud - horrible out-of-tune amateur performances both vocally and horrible music tracks drowned in reverb. The box is impressive on the outside, and says Digitally Remastered. Inside the music performance is garbage.

    1. Yeah....needle drop garbage usually, with a nice container......sad shit.....

  2. I'd like to know if you were able to stop the sales of your work produced by nostalgia via start entertainment? I have the same problem, start entertainment has produced 2 vinyl a a 5CD set compilation with 2 tracks my work under the name "Perfumed Garden". It's sold worldwide on itunes. I filed a complaint with itunes but their answer is that they don't produce it, even 'though it's available for sale on their website!!!

  3. Yes I did...It's Steven Carr...Claim ownership as the artist and or writer with itunes.....etc. Ask itunes what proof was given to them to allow Start Entertainment to post it. Bobby

  4. Interesting. My name is Steve Roberts, the band I was in was Snakegrinder. Steven Carr is one of the scoundrels at RadioActive Records who pirated our album back in 2005 (as well as many other artists). The Jimi Hendrix estate sued them, and won, but then Carr just went underground for a while, and has apparently resurfaced selling the same stuff on iTunes -including Snakegrinder. Thanks for posting this.

    1. You are welcome......hope it helped a bit...