Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This is not Chris Ducey's original version of Songs Of Protest for sale on Amazon

It has been clarified by Mike Stax and Chris Ducey himself that this is not Chris Ducey's work...It is being misrepresented on Amazon and sold as the work of Chris Ducey which is a fraud.....

In a series of messages on Feb 28, 2013 between me and Mike Stax (ugly things magazine) Stax, who was in direct communication with Ducey, said Ducey listened to the songs on this link and said it wasn't him. Ducey said his version of Songs Of Protest was done as a solo with guitar and harmonica only. This version on Amazon would be a 3rd and unknown version, and a completely different set of songs and lyrics written to the titles on the original cover from 1965, as portrayed on the  album jacket above.