Friday, June 17, 2011

Mojo Music Magazine article June 2004 by Steve Stanley


  1. Nice- that's the article that broght my attention to your music- great stuff! I've really enjoyed the Songs of Protest and Anti Protest over the years.

  2. Where you@man?! Please tell me taking in oxygen somewhere and battling urges to write lyrics that you christen 'what for?!' Yet, they're up there, hopefully... let them out. I'll back you up. We can gig in greasy dives and pack little tawdry venues all over and it'll pay. I can lock that part in... let those words out , dance them into the paper so they airport and move people. It's energy, and you can hook em with simplistic sounds and real talk. I believe in you. Let's do it, Pop. For the purity of creating and sound motion. Im in Indiana- don't laugh. I'm one of the last well-sprung muses... and music is inside to heal and transform the days. Fluid your now... come to the crossroads. Hmmmm?